Bayou Concrete’s history comes from two roads that lead you back to 1927 in Jackson, Mississippi and the 1940s in Mobile, Alabama. Bayou Concrete, LLC and MMC Materials, Inc. are part of the Dunn Investment Company group of businesses.


The Mississippi Path

In Mississippi, Bayou’s history dates back to 1927 through what is now MMC Materials, Inc. In 1927, concrete operations began in Jackson, MS under the name Mississippi Concrete and Material Company. Dunn began operations in 1878 in Virginia in the railroad construction industry. Our first concrete plant was located on Green Street and is the current location of our Central MS Area Shop.

From 1932 to 1961, the company grew and changed its name to Mississippi Materials Company under then President Ellis Hoppfauir. Under VP Sam Gholson, we moved to Fortification Street in Jackson, which is still the Central MS Area Headquarters, and expanded into Brandon. Between 1975 and 1981, the company expanded to Forest, Meridian and several locations in north Mississippi under Mike Mockbee, General Manager.

From 1983 to 1996 dramatic growth took place with expansions into Louisiana, Tennessee and a mobile division named, M*Con. Operation additions in Mississippi expanded into Greenville, Tupelo, Hattiesburg, Columbus, Kosciusko and Vicksburg. In addition, operations expanded onto the gulf coast and a partnership was formed with between Mississippi Materials and the Goldin family. This new business was named Gulf Concrete. Elton Cook, Gary Ferebee and James French provided important leadership during this time. Also during this time, Gulf Concrete became a partner with Concrete Products and Supply in Pascagoula. Concrete Products was owned and managed by R.K. Hollister. Concrete Products began as Jackson County Ready Mix in the 1950s.

From 1996 to 2006, several leadership changes took place and operations were added that include what is now the Golden Triangle. Operations in West Tennessee and Baton Rouge, Louisiana were sold and R.K. Hollister retired with Gulf Concrete buying his interests in Concrete Products in Pascagoula and Bayou Concrete in Mobile, AL. Jim Overstreet and Danny Rodgers led the business during most of this time. During this time, the Concrete Products named was retired and the Jackson County, MS business was operated as Bayou Concrete.

In 2006, Rodney Grogan moved from Dunn Roadbuilders (another Dunn Company) to become President of MMC Materials and Mike Pepper moved from MMC Materials to become President of Gulf Concrete, LLC which included Gulf Concrete and Bayou Concrete.

In 2014, Rodney Grogan also became President of Bayou Concrete, and Judd Beech became Vice-President.

In 2015, Bayou increased its operations by purchasing several plants along the MS Gulf Coast.

In 2018, Judd Beech was promoted to President of Bayou Concrete and in 2020 was promoted to President of MMC. He is now President of both MMC Materials, Inc. and Bayou Concrete LLC.

The Alabama Path

Bayou’s history dates back to the 1940s-50s with Radcliff Materials / Radcliff Gravel. Radcliff Materials operated several businesses in that time including shell dredging, Block, Asphalt and Concrete operations. Most of the concrete operations began in the late 50s to early 60s while the gravel and shell operations began much earlier, principally after WWII.

In 1976 Bayou Concrete was formed and operated in Bayou La Batre. Mr. R.K. Hollister (Concrete Products in MS) bought Radcliff’s concrete division in 1980(±). Mr. Hollister’s son, Huston, ran the Mobile business and grew this business throughout the 90s. In 1994, Bayou joined forces in the Florida panhandle with Shear Concrete and in 1997 Bayou entered Clark and Washington counties with the purchase of Beech Ready Mix.

Then Mr. K. Hollister retired in 2001, Bayou’s partners, MMC Materials, purchased the family’s ownership interest and became the managing partner and principle owner. Shear Concrete was sold to Reynolds Ready Mix.

Bayou expanded its operations by entering the Baldwin County market with the purchase of additional plants.

The Florida Path

In 2019, Bayou expanded its operations into the Florida Panhandle for the first time. With the purchase of eight additional plants Bayou expanded its operation from Pensacola to Port St. Joe.


In 2007, the company grew from the reconstruction of Hurricane Katrina and changed to one name, Bayou Concrete, LLC. With this change, came a color change in our mixer trucks. Today our trucks are painted with the familiar “red and yellow” colors used by our sister company MMC Materials, Inc. Research indicates it that these colors are one of just a few colors available during the late 20s and 1930s. Therefore, we believe these colors represent the history and heritage of our companies plus the ability to “stand out” on your project.

Bayou and MMC work closely together sharing resources and technologies to ensure our customers receive the very best in quality and service. We are there to meet your needs in Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

Our employees are our best assets and we strive to have the best in the business. We offer a competitive benefit package, a strong commitment to safety and environmental stewardship and truly have a caring spirit for each team member. Please allow us the opportunity to continue this great heritage by supplying all your concrete needs.