For 90 years, Bayou Concrete has been delivering ready mix concrete solutions to commercial and residential customers. As a premier concrete supplier, Bayou is committed to our core values of Honesty, Excellence and Continuous Improvement.


Ready mix concrete is produced according to ASTM C 94 standards and delivered to the work site by truck mounted in-transit mixers. This results in a precise mixture, allowing specialty concrete mixes to be delivered according to the customer’s project specifications. Bayou delivers ready mix solutions including admixtures and proper temperature control. Bayou’s first ready-mix batch plant began operating in 1927. The company began significant expansions in the early 1980s and has continued to grow since.


Bayou utilizes MasterSet AC 534 (formerly Pozzolith NC 534), a patented, ready-to-use, liquid admixture that is formulated to accelerate time of setting and to increase early concrete strengths. Features include accelerated setting time across a wide range of temperatures and increased early compressive and flexural strength. Benefits include earlier finishing of slabs, reduced in-place concrete costs, reduced heating and protection time in cold weather, earlier stripping and form reuse as well as superior finishing characteristics for flatwork and cast surfaces.


Bayou utilizes MasterLife CI 30 (formerly Rheocrete CNI) which is a calcium nitrite based corrosion inhibiting admixture for use in reinforced concrete. MasterLife CI 30 admixture contains a minimum of 30% active ingredients by mass and meets ASTM C 494/C 494M requirements for Type C, accelerating admixtures. This solution provides effective corrosion protection against chlorides in concrete. Benefits include extended service life of reinforced concrete structures and set acceleration for cold weather applications.


Bayou utilizes MasterSet R 100 (formerly Pozzolith 100 XR) which is a ready-to-use, liquid admixture used for producing more uniform and predictable quality concrete. Placing and finishing requirements are facilitated because this admixture retards setting time. Features include reduced water content required for a given workability, retarded setting characteristics and controlled retardation. Benefits include improved workability, reduced segregation and superior finishing characteristics.


Bayou utilizes regular, mid and full range water reducing admixtures depending on project requirements. For normal settings, Bayou utilizes MasterPozzolith 322 to provide reduced water content which enables improved workability, reduced segregation, superior finishing and increased strengths. In mid-range scenarios, Bayou utilizes MasterPolyheed 997 to provide excellent performance across a wide slump range to enable superior workability, finishing, reduced placement time and higher strength. In full range scenarios, Bayou utilizes MasterGlenium 7500 which is based on the next generation of polycarboxylate technology. Features include dosage flexibility for normal, mid-range and high-range applications, excellent early strength development, faster turnover, reduced labor costs, fast track construction and more.


Bayou has developed detailed charts to aid in estimating the effect of chilled water and the effects of adding and/or estimating the amount of ice required to achieve a certain concrete temperature. Our quality team has experience with these charts and while not perfect, does agree that a reasonable amount of accuracy does exist.